Special Form Cutters

Specially designed form cutters for the automotive industry and high-volume production industries.

[ SOLID CARBIDE PORT CUTTER ]Solid Carbide Port Cutter

For manufacture of engine head valve seat in cast iron; solid carbide with coolant thru; 4 straight flutes; end center cutting; tolerance .0002"; TiAlN PVD coated.

[ KNUCKLE CUTTER ]“Knuckle” Cutter

3 straight flute; HSS; special form-relieved cutter.

[ SOLID CARBIDE SPECIAL PORTING TOOL ]Solid Carbide Special Porting Tool

Drilling, chamfering, boring and spot facing;
2 straight flutes with coolant thru.

Resharpening service is available for all Precimac high-precision tools.

Precimac manufactures precision cutting tools to suit your specific manufacturing requirements. Products depicted on this page are representative only.