Milling Cutters

Carbide endmills in a wide range, including internal and external coolant supply, for roughing and finishing finish. Number of flutes and end features are optional for specific applications.

[ Solid Carbide Milling Cutter

Side-milling application on 4140 alloy steel; 6 flutes.

[ SOLID CARBIDE ENDMILL ]Solid Carbide Endmill

[ CARBIDE SPOT FACE MILL ]Carbide Spot Face Mill

Centre cutting in cast iron; 6 flutes; internal coolant supply; TiAlN coated.

[ CARBIDE SPOT FACE MILL WITH STEEL SHANK ]Carbide Spot Face Mill with Steel Shank

1" Dia. Spot facing endmill on 4140 alloy steel; ACME Thread steel shank.

Resharpening service is available for all Precimac high-precision tools.

Precimac manufactures precision cutting tools to suit your specific manufacturing requirements. Products depicted on this page are representative only.