Slitting Cutters

Solid carbide and HSS slitting cutters primarily for automotive and forestry industries.

[ 3IN CARBIDE SAW ]3" Diameter Carbide Saws

Used to cut a groove on a 4140 alloy steel part in high-volume production; cutting depth .400"; cutting width .080"; 20-tooth; form relieved OD clearance to maintain same clearance angle after sharpening; .0003" tolerance on hub thickness; .0010" tolerance on cutting width; full radius tooth profile; TiCN PVD coating.

[ 3IN CHAMFERING SAW ]3" Diameter Chamfering Saw

Used to establish chamfers in groove cut by the slotting saw above; carbide with TiCN coating too; slotting cutter and chamfering saw provide high-precision machining and optimum tool life.

10IN CARBIDE SLITTING SAW ]10" Diameter Carbide Slitting Saw

Used in production of cast iron manifold for the automotive engines; 10" diameter; .236" width; 80-tooth; TiAlN PVD coating.

Resharpening service is available for all Precimac high-precision tools.

Precimac manufactures precision cutting tools to suit your specific manufacturing requirements. Products depicted on this page are representative only.