Tool Holders & Inserts

Precimac's 3D CAD and CAM software and CNC machining centres ensure integrated design, engineering and manufacture of high precision indexable tool holders. We also supply special inserts for tool holders.

[ COUNTERBORE TOOL ]3-Step Counterbore Tool

6 pockets; .875" diameter x .500" deep - .905" diameter x .375" deep - .975" diameter x .450" deep.

[ INDEXABLE FACE MILLING CUTTER ]Indexable Face Milling Cutter

[ SPECIAL INSERTS ]Special Inserts

Precimac supplies wiper inserts and modified standard inserts for milling and turning applications. Special ceramic insert +/- .0005" tolerance at corner form.

Resharpening service is available for all Precimac high-precision tools.

Precimac manufactures precision cutting tools to suit your specific manufacturing requirements. Products depicted on this page are representative only.