Sharpening and Refurbishing Services

As a full-service supplier, we offer a comprehensive regrinding and refurbishing service both for original Precimac cutting tools and for competitive brands. All tools serviced are totally controlled by our QA department under the same quality standard as newly manufactured cutting tools. We work closely with each customer to optimize quantities, deliveries and sharpening options.

Tool Sharpening and Refurbishing

Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies, we provide our customers with the highest quality product and service. We are fully equipped with Walters' CNC tool grinding machines and touchless CNC inspection equipment.

Most tools are resharpened on CNC tool cutter grinding machines and, for original Precimac tools, we use the original manufacturing program and wheel stacks for sharpening to guarantee that the quality of the serviced tool will be equal to new tools.

[ CNC OD & ID GRINDING ]CNC OD and ID Grinding

OD grinding machines with .0001" Grinding Precision and maximum part diameter of 10".

ID Grinding Machine with maximum part diameter of 22" and maximum length of 20".

[ CENTRELESS GRINDING ]Centerless Grinding (carbide & steel)

High precision CNC centerless grinding and traditional through-feed centerless grinding.


Robust Saisei Grinder with tiltable table to establish low dish-angle; suitable for both carbide and steel grinding.

[ INDUCTION BRAZING ]Induction Brazing

A cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution providing high-quality silver soldering for cutting tool retipping. “Refurbishable tools,” which reuse the tool shanks with retipped carbide head; joint usually V-shaped (“V-brazed” construction).

Laser Etching

Powerful, universal Trumpf Vectormark laser marking unit for both high volume production orders and special feature creation.