Precimac’s custom designed drills are manufactured using the latest state of the art automated CNC tool grinders. This allows us to manufacture high-level products at a competitive cost. Our drills are currently being used across the Automotive, Forestry, Aerospace, and Nuclear industries.

These are the typical specifications of Precimac drills:
  • Material: Coolant Through Carbide or HSS
  • Coolant supply: Internally fed or solid
  • Drill type: spiral flute, straight flute
  • Drill point: conventional point, S point, SE point, delta point, etc.
  • Coating: all high performance and exotic PVD coatings available
Pictures below are examples of the custom tools we have developed.
Precimac has provided manufacturing and refurbishing services for our customers since 1969. Today, we use high-tech design software and automated machines to provide unique solutions to all of our customers. The end results are highly precise tools with enhanced tool life.
We work with all our customers to optimize the design of each tool. This ensures that all ultimate geometries are utilized for their specific application.
We have the capability to produce a wide variety of drills with diameters between 1mm and 50mm. Most of our drills are manufactured from solid carbide or with coolant through holes. Should you require added toughness and flexibility, we can also provide high speed steel or carbide-tipped drills.


Multi-Step Subland Coolant Through Carbide Drill

Designed specifically for the automotive industry and is capable of drilling multiple features at once.
  • Made from C-2 grade carbide
  • 3 slow-spiral flutes
  • Internal coolant supply
  • TiAlN PVD coating
  • 16mm diameter with a tolerance of +/- 0.002mm
  • 30mm Counter bore for sealing surface
  • 60 degree chamfer


Solid Carbide Multi Step G-Drill

Developed for a special purpose vehicle engine block manufacturing, this drill is capable of drilling, counter-boring, and chamfering.

  • Internal coolant supply
  • PVD coating for high temperature applications
  • Drill diameter with +/- .0002” tolerance


Solid Carbide Subland Step Drill
  • Drilling Diameter: 16.5mm x 32mm
  • Shank Diameter: 30mm
  • OAL: 300mm
  • 3 Slow Spiral Flutes
  • Subland Design
  • TiN PVD coating

Solid Carbide Step Drill

Used in auto engine production line for drilling in cast iron.
  • Internal coolant supply
  • TiAlN coating

S-Point Fast Spiral Double Margin Solid Carbide Drills

Used in automotive engine production for drilling in steel.


Designed for drilling Inconel landing gear prototype components.

Resharpening services

As a full-service supplier, we offer a comprehensive regrinding and refurbishing service both for original Precimac cutting tools and for competitive brands. All tools serviced are totally controlled by our QA department under the same quality standard as newly manufactured cutting tools. We work closely with each customer to optimize quantities, deliveries and sharpening options.

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