Top Three Reasons for Using Custom End Mills

At Precimac Tool, we know that sometimes the off-the-shelf endmills won’t do the milling work.

Today, there is ever-increasing demand for high-precision custom machine-work and tooling, for components which will in turn be used in increasingly custom applications.  A machine shop can try to fulfill their clients’ needs using standard drills and end mills, but it’s all too common for such ‘ad hoc’ solutions to fail at achieving desired levels of precision, versatility, or performance.

In such cases, custom end mills are the answer.  A small investment in custom parts can pay off for years to come by greatly increasing the flexibility and versatility of your own operations.

Three Reasons That Custom End mills Make Sense

  1. Quality Machining

This is the most basic reason of all: Sometimes you need a custom tool to create the custom parts your customers demand.  A custom tool can be specifically designed according to your application and needs to achieve better quality results.  You get tighter tolerance control, better surface finish, and greater levels of precision.

Simply put, it can make the difference between saying “Yes we can!” and “no, we can’t” when presented with an unusual request.

  1. Efficiency

Cutting edge geometry and cutting speed are ultimately shaped and determined by the underlying material being used.  Custom end mills can be designed around the needed material to bring the most efficient possible operations, leading to optimal performance in the tool.  That sort of highly-efficient design will provide you with a chance to optimize your efficiency that the off-the-shelf tool usually does not.

  1. Cost saving on “cost per part”

A custom end mill might cost more up-front, but it ultimately delivers better value-for-money.  These custom tools will usually have a longer tool life due to the custom design for the specific job that the standard tools cannot compete with. The little extra investment on the custom tooling will be allocated into more parts being machined and eventually it generates a cost saving on “tooling cost per part”. This gives custom tools a superior ROI in the long run.

Precimac Tool Ltd. Can Deliver the Custom Tools You Need

Since 1969, Precimac Tool Ltd. has specialized in the manufacturing, refurbishment, and sharpening of metal cutting tools.  We provide the exact custom end mills you need, while going above and beyond to ensure we are delivering the highest possible quality.  Our custom tool design process involves extensive in-house testing of the end mill itself, as well as the chips produced, to refine and optimize our custom designs.

To learn more about how Precimac custom tools can meet your needs, please contact us with your questions.

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