Understanding the Quality of Carbide Reamers

Reaming is always the first choice in producing a small precision bore with tight tolerance in production. Normally a precision bore is reamed to a surface finish exceeding Ra 6.3µmm.


A coated carbide reamer is a very common tool used in metal machining to improve speed as well as the tool life. Multiple re-sharpens and re-coatings of a reamer will eventually cause an oversized condition due to adding multiple layers on top of existing coatings. The tighter the tolerance the earlier you will get an oversized reamer.


Precimac provides customers with a piece of mind with a 0.0002” diameter precision throughout the total tool life. We are equipped to certify each reamer to remain in its original specification.


A spiral flute reamer has a better chip evacuation vs. straight flute carbide reamers. More than 80% of reamers are of right hand spiral flutes design. If presented with a through hole situation, a left hand spiral reamer could be considered offering added rigidity and a forward chip evacuation motion, creating an opportunity for a better surface finish.


Trust Precimac Tool LTD.


Hiring the finest quality professionals to carry out your carbide reamers needs is vital towards maintaining the integrity of your product. Our professionals are ready to assist in your metal cutting needs, so whether you have a question about our services or would like to know more about the company please contact us today.


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