When and Why to Consider Using Customized Cutting Tools

Any machining shop is going to end up spending time and money selecting their cutting tools, and it’s completely understandable that they would want to keep those costs as low as possible.  That means using off-the-shelf parts whenever it’s viable and cost-effective.

However, this attitude can sometimes be taken too far, and lead to shops overlooking situations where custom tools would be the better solution.  Custom tools may cost a bit more than stock cutting appliances, but they can often pay for themselves in more ways than one.  Here are just a few examples of situations where custom cutting tools simply make sense.

Four Times a Custom Cutting Tool Is the Best Option

1 – When an operation currently requires two or more tools

This is one of the best possible examples of a situation where a custom tool could be a good idea.  If your current machining requires multiple tools to create a single shape, and that could be accomplished with a single custom tool, then you will undoubtedly save time and money in the long run by switching to the more streamlined operation.

2 – When a tool is critical to your operation.

Custom cutting tools may sometimes cost more, yes, but it can also be a case of getting what you pay for.  Custom work can utilize higher-quality materials, crafted based on your needs, to deliver maximum reliability and longevity.  When a tool is mission-critical and must resist wearing out, custom work delivers superior long-term ROI.

3 – When user fallibility is an issue.

Do your workers spend a lot of time swapping interchangeable tools?  Custom work can benefit you here.  Custom cutters can be made with distinct shapes, or unique connectors so that the wrong tool cannot be easily put into the wrong place.  Mistakes will always happen, so a little investment in “insurance” against those mistakes can easily pay off.

4 – When you want to reduce energy costs.

While not universal, there are many situations where a custom tool can be designed to operate at significantly lower RPMs while achieving the same effect as off-the-shelf cutting tools.  This can lead to lower energy costs, as well as potentially lowering the costs associated with cooling as well.

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